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Bandhan awaits Bollywood debut, March release of “Khufia”

Bandhan awaits Bollywood debut, March release of “Khufia”

Ajmeri Haque Bandhan is one of the most talked about actresses in showbiz in recent years. He used to play regularly. It works selectively after moving away from this place. That’s what Bajimat did. Throwing noise, appearing in one character after another. A variety of bindings are seen. Sometimes on the cinema screen, sometimes on the web platform; On the viewer’s mobile phone. He is now awaiting his Bollywood debut. Desired debut could be in March.

Badhan acted in a movie named ‘Khufia’ by famous Bollywood director Vishal Bharadwaj. In this film, he shares the screen with actors like Tabu and Ali Fazal. The film is slated for release in March.

Speaking about the experience working in the film, Bandhan said, “Director Vishal Bharadwaj is an incredibly good and humble person. He knows very well how to respect not only artists but also people. It is his practice. Thanks to this, the work has become much easier. I like the professionalism of Netflix executives. I will be seen in the role of a Bangladeshi girl in the film. The young girl goes to India with a mission. Lots of things happen. Although the character is small, the significance is great.

The 47-second teaser for ‘Khufia’ was released in August last year. He won everyone’s hearts by appearing for a few previews. During filming, director Bharadwaj praised her and said, “Ajmeri, you set the screen on fire.” The screen sultana proved it in the trailer.

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