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Bandhan Jupiter is exalted

Bandhan Jupiter is exalted

His acting career spans 16 years. It’s garnered more accolades in the past couple of years than it’s been in the headlines for a long time. Crossing the borders of the country, he also entered West Bengal and Bollywood films. He doubted his life for a long time. From there he turned around and came back with ‘Rehana Mariam Noor’. After this film, we can say that he became a star overnight. He is Ajmeri Haq Bandhan. One success after another seems to be catching up with him. At the beginning of the new year, it was known that she received the award for best actress at the National Film Awards. Altogether, his Jupiter is exalted. First, the actress had a question – How do you rate the success of this series? Badhan said with a smile, “Many achievements have been made with Rehana Mariam Noor. Much gratitude. It’s funny. I want to give credit for every achievement to my team and producer Abdullah Mohammad Saad. It’s very nice to be able to work in Bollywood. Since there is no official announcement regarding the National Film Awards, I don’t want to say anything about it.

Mana must not be wasted
Bandhan is always busy with acting and family life. So he disappeared somewhere far away when he retired for two terms. She spent the start of the new year in California with her daughter. This US tour is very different for Bandhan. It was Christmas and the Thirty-first. For this, there was a festive atmosphere all around. Overall, every moment spent with the country girl was very happy. Saira asked her mother to see the snowfall. Bandhan flew to the United States to show his daughter his snow in fulfillment of this seriousness. The actress is very happy to fulfill her daughter’s wish. Mother and daughter watching snowfall together in USA. He also had a lot of fun. Spending quality time with girls brings a different feeling to life.

In literature chat

Bandhan participates in various events outside the familiar arena of acting. He participated in the Dhaka Lit Fest after returning from the United States. He participated in two sessions of the International Literature Festival held in Dhaka from January 5 to 8. “Beyond the Norms” and “Masculinity versus Masculinity” – these topics have been discussed on various platforms. Bandhan said he appreciated having the opportunity to speak at an event like Lit Fest.

The surprise of the OTT

Bandhan has once again proven itself with the work of the OTT platform. His webfilm “Guti” was recently released in Charki. In this series by Shankh Dasgupta, her drug dealer character Sultana makes an impression. Even though he worked at the hospital, he smuggled drugs for several years under the director’s instructions. Sharing the experience of hard work, Bandhan said, “I do the job because there are challenges. This kind of work gives me self-satisfaction. Sultana smuggles drugs by hiding them in secret places in her body. There was a lot of physical pain during labor. This is the human journey of a girl. After getting the script, I felt I had to become Sultana at all costs. I shot in real locations in Dhaka, Chittagong and Comilla. Stayed in character this time. We got up early in the morning and filmed. Character was in everything. I behaved like a sultana even outside of filming. Despite everything, the public watches me walk cross-legged. Through this character, I felt the difficult struggle of a woman. How do you get the answer? People watch the work. Also getting mixed reactions. Viewers watch content from Bangladesh, discuss it and criticize it. They say that after seeing it. It’s the feeling. Many may dislike many things. That said, I’ll do my best for the next job.

Waiting for his Bollywood debut…

Bandhan is awaiting his Bollywood debut. His film “Khufia” is due out in March. Famous Bollywood director Vishal Bharadwaj produced this movie. Not only Bandhan, there are great actors like Tabu and Ali Fazal in the movie. A 47-second teaser for the film was released on Netflix in late August, bringing Bandhan back into the limelight. Bandhan said that while shooting the film, director Vishal Bharadwaj said to him, “Ajmeri, you set the screen on fire. In the mystery teaser, the burning bandage was seen. Fans are waiting to see it on screen. He faced many good experiences while working in intelligence. Many stories have been created, which this actress will slowly tell. Appreciating the professionalism of the director and Netflix executives, the actress added, “Director Vishal Bharadwaj is an incredibly good and humble person.” He knows very well how to respect not only artists but also people. It is his practice. Thanks to him, the work has become much easier. I like the professionalism of Netflix executives. I will be seen in the role of a Bangladeshi girl in the film. The young girl goes to India with a mission. Lots of things happen. Although the character is small, the significance is great.

In a new job

Bandhan has no new movies at the moment. The star actress is busy promoting the web series “Guti”. He wants to play a difficult role again. Waiting for a good story and characters. He will tell everyone if he gets such a project. In this context, he commented – ‘Now that I have the opportunity, I can say that I want to do this kind of work. There was no point in saying these things at the same time. When there is this opportunity, I try to use it.

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