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Bandha’s Big Announcement of Joy-Sorrow and Wink

Bandha’s Big Announcement of Joy-Sorrow and Wink

Rajshahi, the largest city in North Bengal, was without movie theaters for several years. Star Cineplex filled this gap. A new branch has been launched there. The Star Cineplex-Rajshahi cinema officially opened on Friday afternoon, January 13.

Actress Ajmeri Haque Bandhan was featured in this one-screen Cineplex launch. Expressing his feelings, he said: “I am very happy that Cineplex has launched a unique screen here. But I hope they introduce more screens here. It is very sad, all the rooms that existed before in Rajshahi have been demolished, closed.

Referring to the expansion of movie theatres, Bandhan commented: “As people’s entertainment space shrinks, social disharmonies will increase. So I hope that not only Star Cineplex, others will also build more movie theaters here on their own initiative.

The Minister of State for Information, Junaid Ahmed Palak, was the special guest at the opening ceremony. He announced that after Rajshahi, the construction of another 12 high-tech parks is underway in the country. They will also have state-of-the-art movie theaters. These will be government run and privately owned.

Star Cineplex-Rajshahi was inaugurated by cutting the cake In his speech, Palak said, “The cultural revolution is necessary to build an intelligent, liberal and progressive generation. Bangabandhu gave political freedom and independence, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina gave economic direction, and to sustain this economic prosperity, a cultural revolution is needed. For that, we need to provide wholesome entertainment to our generation. Hence, this modern cinema is the Prime Minister’s gift to the people of Rajshahi and the youth here.

Hasyojhal Bandhan at Star Cineplex-Rajshahi It must be said that this cineplex was built with a room in the Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Hi-Tech Park adjacent to the Bulanpara Ibandh in Rajshahi. There are 172 places here. As always, all the facilities of a world-class movie theater including aesthetic environment, state-of-the-art sound system, giant screen are available here. Those interested can watch the film here from Saturday (January 14) through fixed tickets.

Photo: Zakir Hosain

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