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Bangladeshi viewers enjoy Telugu movie!

Bangladeshi viewers enjoy Telugu movie!

Entertainment desk: The Telugu movie ‘Hit: The First Case’ took the net world by storm as everyone was confined at home during the Corona outbreak. Winning all India states, the film created a storm in the minds of Bangladeshi moviegoers.

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Two years after the Telugu movie ‘Hit: The First Case’ was released in 2020, the movie sequel ‘Hit: The Second Case’ was released. As both films have become popular with Bangladeshi audiences, the Telugu film will be watched with English subtitles as well as Bengali subtitles.

Although audiences have seen the crime thriller before, audiences are interested in this film mainly for two reasons. First, most Telugu movies are “overdone” or fantasy. Difficult to match in reality.

On the other hand, the narration in the film was quite different. Director Shailesh Kolanu told the story on screen with great intelligence, the audience has to come to terms with that fact.

The movie “Hit: The Second Case” was released in theaters on December 2. The film was released on the Amazon Prime Video OTT platform on January 6, New Year. In the film, director Shailesh Kolanu told the story on screen with great intelligence.

In the first movie, Vishwak Sen was seen in the lead role, but in its sequel, Adivi is the last. As one of the producers of this film, southern star Nani said that the film should become popular not because of the hero, but because of the story.

In the first film, the viewer was not given any clues, but in the second film, the viewer was able to unravel the mystery with the police. The story revolves around a murder.

A dramatic climax builds with the dismembered corpse of a woman. According to the forensic department, the fragmented body parts are not one but three different women! After that, the hero’s mission to find the serial killer begins.

Why are tears salty?

Model actress Meenakshi Chowdhury played the role of KD’s lover Mane Adivi in ​​the following movie. Like the first film “Hit: The First Case”, the second film “Hit: The Second Case” is also remembered by Bengali audiences.

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