Bank locker: Want to rent a bank locker! Do you know the rules with fees? – bank record rules 2022 update verification details here


Bank locker: Want to rent a bank locker! Do you know the rules with fees? – bank record rules 2022 update verification details here

Bank locker: Many people use bank lockers to keep their valuables, jewelry, and money safe. In 2021, the Reserve Bank of India introduced new rules regarding bank lockers. Which came into effect in January 2022. The purpose of this new rule is to ensure that customers’ valuables, jewelry and money are not stolen or stolen.

Rules introduced to prevent fraud —

Every time a customer opens the locker, an email and SMS from the bank will reach the customer. The main reason for this approach is to prevent fraud. In addition, the bank can rent a locker to a customer for a maximum period of 3 years. If the rent of the locker is Rs 2000 per year, the total bank cannot charge more than Rs 6000 to the customer. However, maintenance costs will be considered separately.

CCTV Camera Information

video surveillance-

In addition, the central bank has made another rule mandatory. In other words, banking authorities should keep all information about who comes and goes to the locker via CCTV cameras. These images must be kept for up to 6 months. So, in case of fraud, theft or burglary, the police can look at the images and investigate.

Compensation in the event of theft, burglary —

Previously, banking authorities were not responsible for stealing the bank record or the customer opening their property. There have been incidents where bank lockers have been broken and customers have lost all of their belongings. But the banking authorities have still not been held responsible in this case.

But the central bank has now decided that if something is missing from a customer’s locker, the banking authorities will be held responsible. As a result, the banking authorities will have to pay 100 times the rent of the locker to the client as compensation. In the event of theft, burglary, fire due to the negligence of the bank, the banking authority must assume responsibility and compensate the client concerned.

Clarity —

Bringing transparency into government services is a big challenge. Until now, the banking authorities did not give importance to theft from lockers and avoided it because it was not their responsibility. But the central bank has made it clear in its guidelines that all information regarding the number of vacant lockers and the number of people on the waiting list should be made compulsory by banking authorities.

Locker rental

In case of renting a locker, the customer must pay a total amount of 3 years as a term deposit as a locker rental. The bank cannot collect the locker rent from the client for more than 3 years.

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