Bappa Majumdar in a new vibe


Bappa Majumdar in a new vibe

Single, The group, film, The light of his music constantly shines on stage and in the dramaBappa Majumdar didn’t get a chance to do a solo show though he ruled the music world for over three decades.However, this is the first time he has appeared in front of the public in a new atmosphere.Although he has given numerous concerts in the country and abroad, this is the first time that a personal exhibition has been organized around him.

This special solo concert will be held at Hall No. 3 of the Bashundhara International Convention Center in the capital on September experienceThis flagship concert is organized by Carrot ComIn collaboration with Airstar and AliveAccording to the organizers, On this day, the performance of Bappa Majumdar will continue from evening to midnightThree Kona singers will participate with him as guest artists, Conal and ShuboBappa Muzamdar’s multi-dimensional music career spanning three decades will come together through this special concert

It’s like in the musical performance as well as on the screen through the projectorBesides the crew members, Bappa will be surrounded by special musicians on stage.There are many other surprisesSo said Shahan Kabandh, spokesman and lyricist of the partyBappa Majumder is very excited about the arrangementin his language, Will play at the first solo concertIt’s a different pleasureI have a 30 year music career

But in this long music tour, I don’t know why a single gig wasn’t doneIt seems quite unusual nowIt’s also true, It never happened like that! Maybe I never thought of it that wayIt’s happening nowOrganizing Alive gave me this courageThe organizers said, The audience is 600‘, ১২শHe can enjoy this concert by collecting any ticket at the price of 3 thousand takaTickets are available from Saturday at select locations, including the Independent App

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