Bappi-Apu in circulation, there is an autumn surprise


Bappi-Apu in circulation, there is an autumn surprise

Bappi Chowdhury and Apu Biswas; There was a soft buzz in the air of Dhaliwood around them. They came in a new avatar during the ongoing Durga Puja festival. They hosted the show together for the first time. Where there is an autumn surprise in their presence.

Like every year, Bangladesh Television organized Durga Puja magazine special “Sharad Anand”. The program is organized with dance, song, talks with celebrities, a fashion show and documentaries. And this whole program is led by Bappi-Apu. So said the producer of the show L Ruma Akhtar.

It is written by Suman Saha, planned by Jagadish Esh.

About the organization of the event, the producer said, “We have composed a new song on the occasion of Puja. Written by Kanishk Shasmal. Sandeepan Das, Sushmita Saha, Swapnil Rajeev and Ananya Acharya sang the tunes and music of Golam Sarwar. Priyanka Gop and Samarjeet will also sing as a duet. The Aarti dance will be performed by Tanhik Dev and his troupe. There is a special arrangement by Shiv Gajan. Shiv Gajan was portrayed by Priyanka Sarkar and her team.

The producer also said, “Actress and dancer Bhavna will bring another special event Abeer Khel. This dance party is led by Anik Bose. There are celebrity cats. Where Producer Chayanika Chowdhury, Journalist Munni Saha, Additional SP (CID) Mrinal Kanti Saha and Cardiologist Dr. participated. Durba Haldar. Finally, there is a life-oriented song performed by the Baula group.

‘Sharad Anand’ airs on BTV on Wednesday, October 5 on Vijaya Dashami after 10 p.m. English news.

Apu Biswas and Bappi Chowdhury’s debut film “Shashurbari Zindabad-2”. It was released on February 11 this year.

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