Beckham fled the stadium watching his son’s game

Beckham fled the stadium watching his son’s game

Footballer David Beckham left the game nearly a decade ago. However, even after quitting the game, his popularity is still at its peak. Wherever you go, you have to struggle to face the fans. And for this reason, he sometimes has to travel in disguise to avoid embarrassment. However, he is not always saved from it.

According to information from the BBC, this former England midfield general had to slip away to escape the fans while watching his son’s game.

Recently, Beckham’s son Romeo joined English club Brentford’s ‘B’ team on loan from Inter Miami. Romeo Beckham’s first game since joining Brentford’s ‘B’ team from Inter Miami last week. He made his debut with a game against Erith and Belverde, the ninth-placed team in the London Senior Cup.

Romeo entered the pitch for the first time for the team in the second half of the game. At that time, his team was 2-1 behind and trembling with fear of defeat. However, Brentford won the match by 3-2.

A record number of spectators appeared on the pitch to watch Beckham’s son play. Despite the bad weather, 554 spectators came to the field. The most famous of these is Romeo’s father, John Beckham. He hides in the public queue wearing a raincoat.

But there was no last defense. At some point, the audience recognized him. Immediately, the situation in the gallery became tense. Apart from the game on the pitch, everyone’s focus was Beckham in the audience.

Spectators began to gather to take pictures with the legendary footballer. He left the stadium by climbing the fence after seeing the situation.

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