“Bengali films are no longer stuck on love-revenge”


“Bengali films are no longer stuck on love-revenge”

Dhaka, September 19 – Renowned actor Riaz Ahmed. His film “Operation Sundarban” is released on September 23. Apart from this, he acts in two films called “Mujib” and “Radio”, the biography of Bangabandhu. To meet the expectations of the public, we spoke to him about his return to the cinema, ongoing engagements and other topics.

Soon, one of your films will be released. If ‘Operation Sundarban’ succeeds, will it be shown regularly on the big screen?

The success or failure of a film cannot be used to decide whether or not to act. The self-satisfaction you get after doing something good is what motivates you to do something new. ‘Operation Sundarban’ is one such film, which gives new impetus to acting. Besides, the game is integrated into being, I don’t want to think of anything else. I want to act forever. But it’s also true, never get carried away by the wave of cheap popularity.

Do you always expect to have the kind of story or character you want to play?

If this question had been asked two years ago, I might not have been able to say anything for sure. But considering the kind of stories that are being made in movies now, it’s safe to say that the opportunities for good work aren’t over yet. The most important thing is that day after day, the public is heading towards the hall. Their expectations of our films have also increased. These visitors show hope.

What do you think played a major role in bringing the audience back to the audience?

Breaking the taboo of making films, bringing their own stories to the screen – these things attract audiences. We’re lucky to see something new because we’ve been able to get away from the idea that cinema is about love between heroes and heroines, about war with villains, about family revenge. Again, this isn’t a new meaning, there isn’t a shadow of a familiar life in the history of today’s movies. We’re looking at that now, where the shadow of our life is. So I can easily identify with the story.

How satisfying are the new things you are doing?

In fact, you don’t have to work with this idea to be a hero. Even if his screen presence is less, it is important – it depends on the thought. You will understand why I acted in the movie ‘Operation Sundarban’. It’s a film where all the characters are important. So I had all the satisfaction of acting. And acting in the movie ‘Mujib’ is not only self-gratification, but I feel like I was able to be part of the story. It is also an opportunity to learn a lot of talented filmmakers like Shyam Benegal based on this film. And the film ‘Radio’ is based on the March 7 speech. It is also another acting career.

And now, what if the previous Riyaz cannot be found on the screen?

You have to change to evolve with the times. As the genre of cinema has changed, I will also be seen on screen in a new way – it’s only natural. There is no reason to think that I will forever retain the image of a romantic hero.

AI/ September 19, 2022

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