Bengali girl Mouni won praise by performing a puja in the temple on her birthday morning.

Bengali girl Mouni won praise by performing a puja in the temple on her birthday morning.

bangladeshi the pulpit: No matter how much a Bengali goes to different states, different countries, he can never forget Bengaliana. There are many actresses in Bollywood who are actually Bengali. But went into Hindi film industry and became one of them. One of these actresses is Mouni Roy. He has now moved from the small screen to the big screen. But working in Bollywood, although married into a South Indian family, Bengali Mouni is actually a daughter of Cooch Behar. He still couldn’t forget his culture.

September 28 was Mouni’s birthday. Her movie ‘Brahmastra’ was released a few days ago. The film was a great success. Brahmastra also did not do badly at the box office due to the good response from the public. So Mouni’s birthday this year was very good.

Mouni recently shared birthday photos on social media. No, he didn’t share lavish party photos like most Bollywood stars. Instead, Mouni made this special day even more special by going to the temple and praying with God’s blessings.

It can be seen in the photo that the actress went to a temple. She was dressed in red churidar and light jewelry. Sinthi painted in vermilion. Mouni also wore a garland of flowers around her neck. He is seen worshiping in the temple. Sharing the photos, he captioned it, ‘Blessed morning. Hari Om.’

Although she belongs to the glamorous world, Mouni has a lot of devotion for Devdvi. He regularly recited the Gita during confinement. Mouni said she did not understand the meaning of Gita after reading it as a child. But Mouni read the Gita under house arrest during the long confinement and realized its greatness.

During confinement, a friend of the actress launched an online course to read the Bhagwat Gita. Although she missed some classes due to her restlessness, Mouni shared a photo of herself reading Geeta on social media.

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