Bengali Serial: A new series is coming, this mega closes in three months to give a prime time slot

Bengali Serial: A new series is coming, this mega closes in three months to give a prime time slot

All series try to entertain the audience with special episodes, new twists in the story. Every week there is a fierce battle between the top Bengali channels in the ranking. The TRP chart also changes every week. They say the megas hit each other hard. As a result, the channel authority performs various tests on the serial broadcast time.

‘Panchomi’ arrives at Star Jalsa. Since the release of the promo, there has been great excitement among the audience for this new series. So far the question has been raised when this mega will air. This information has been communicated. ‘Panchami’ will be in theaters from December 5, Monday to Sunday at 8:30 p.m. So far, ‘Madhabilata’ (Madhabilata) has been seen in this place. Now the question is, what will happen in the series of Susmit-Shravani? Or will this series be seen in another slot?

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According to Telepara sources, “Madhveelata” will no longer be aired, not in another slot. This mega closes in the first three months. The authority of the channel decided to stop this series because of the bad score in the classification. ‘Madhveelata’ started at 8:30 in place of ‘Man Phagun’. A brand new pair has been spotted on the show. For the first time Rudrik from ‘Varaan’ and Jhelam from ‘Jiwan Saathi’, actors Susmeet Mukhopadhyay and Shrabani Bhuiyan, teamed up.

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On the other hand, a new pair will also be seen in the new mega ‘Panchami’. Sushmita Dey and Rajdeep Gupta will get married this time. Every season of Hindi serial ‘Nagin’ is very popular. At first, it was heard that “Panchami” would be made in the style of the Hindi series. But we know that viewers will get a taste of spirituality and mystery in the series. We hear that VFX is very important in this series. This type of VFX work has never been seen in any Bengali series before. Sahana Dutt writes the story of ‘Panchami’.

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