Bengali soap operas | Recent trend of closing Bengali soap operas a few months after dgtl launch


Bengali soap operas | Recent trend of closing Bengali soap operas a few months after dgtl launch

Only a few days left for Puja. Seven-seven soap operas closed at once before Puja. About a week is communicated to the crew three to four days in advance, which is not long. Filming will be stopped. Why does this happen? What’s behind the low TRP?

Whether it’s a small screen or a big screen, there’s always uncertainty at work. Fear of a sudden job loss, fear of not getting a new job, actors like technicians all have to go through this uncertainty more or less. Their mental state is also developed in the same way. How do they manage this sudden decline? Actors must constantly fight to maintain their existence in the minds of the audience. How does Tolipara manage this insecurity? Is there a solution to this? Search Anandabazar online.

On Wednesday, filming for the last day of ‘Amar Sona Chander Kona’ wrapped up.

His series is currently at the top of the TRP charts. When Ishaan, aka Biswaroop Banerjee, the main character of the series ‘Gauri Elo’, was asked about it, he said, “There are many factors behind all this. Notifying the crew a few days before is very bad. Some people in the industry almost make it a rule. They say, don’t know the artists now, otherwise they won’t want to try. In some cases this can actually happen, but not in all cases. A fixed deadline must be given before announcing the serial closure. Channels or producers should also at least watch patiently for a while after a series has started. Two months have passed, and I stopped it, this trend is not good.” But Swastika Dutta’s voice still has a different tone. He told Anandabazar Online, “In that case, I will speak on behalf chain producers. My streak ended after three years. Then I was informed a week ago. Much is judged on TRP. And the series both begins and ends in the hands of the public. At the end of the day, the TRPs speak. Also, now actors don’t have to wait long after finishing a job.”

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Just after seven months, another series ends, why such a result in such a short time?

Just after seven months, another series ends, why such a result in such a short time?

‘Hit shows also end so quickly these days it’s scary,’ Syed candidly at the end of ‘Khelaghar’

The ups and downs of the series’ TRP depend a lot on Mega’s story. Leena Gangopadhyay introduced the audience to new stories from time to time. What is his opinion on this? In his words, “No notice is given. Told in advance. Ultimately, it’s not a social service, it’s a business. The authorities don’t want to air the series if it doesn’t There’s no profit. It’s a fight. We entered this war knowingly. I have to move even if my show number is not given. That’s how it works in any organization of ‘company. Similarly, the authorities have to make a decision if they cannot achieve their goals here.”

In this TRP, the competition rushes in, not only the actors but also the rest of the team suffers. In particular, technicians working on a daily wage basis have to face the problem. In this context, Anandabazar Online contacted the President of the Federation, Swarup Biswas. He said: “I’ve been watching this trend for several days. Previously, we knew that a series would air a minimum of 500 episodes. Now 100 episodes are being finalized. It is understood that our writers are not capable of giving good stories. Certainly, the producers, the managers of the chain will look into this question. But my technicians are really having problems. Those who are involved in hairdressing, makeup, lights are the ones who have the most problems.” Anandbazar Online also spoke with the rest of the team. They are like that too. The news of these sudden closures series adds to the uncertainty of life. Financial problems simmer. Every person has a plan in life. All of this intersects. In all these cases, the finger is often pointed at the channel itself. Therefore, Contact has been made with Samrat Ghosh, East Cluster Manager of Zee Entertainment Enterprise Limited, who said that not only TRP, but many other factors are behind the closing of a series.

Several closed series at once before Puja.

Several closed series at once before Puja.

He said, “Our Krishnakali, Rani Rasmani has been going on for almost four years. Each product has a specific life cycle. A beginning and an end. And in other cases, a series is created by thinking one way. I think the audience will enjoy it. Maybe not. Why not? Is it selected solely on the basis of the TRP? No, we don’t. The comments of the common people, their opinion is taken. One can understand from there, which one is good for the public and which one is not good. A decision is only made afterwards.”

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