‘Besharam Rong’ Song Scenes Will Be Cut

‘Besharam Rong’ Song Scenes Will Be Cut

Discussions and reviews are still going on about the movie “Pathan”. Since the release of the song ‘Beshram Rang’ from Shahrukh Khan and Deepika Padukone’s film, many controversies have arisen. The complaint finger is about the song stage dress.

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In the ‘Beshram Rong’ controversy, there is a demand to change the music scene. In the meantime, the Indian Censor Board orders to cut various scenes and dialogues from this movie. Now everyone is curious about Deepika’s song ‘Beshram Rong’, which scenes are going to be left out?

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Recently, various sources reported that several scenes of Deepika Padukone’s golden swimsuit will be omitted from the song “Besharam Rong”.

Additionally, the scene where the words “Bahut Hee Tong Kiya” are spoken is also going to be dropped. Maybe this scene will change. However, it has not been made clear whether or not the orange bikini scene will be changed.

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Note that today (January 5) is Deepika Padukone’s birthday. Now he basks in the wishes of his fans. Along with this, Bollywood stars also praise him.


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