Big Boss 16 Sajid Khan | DCW chief calls for ouster of Sajid Khan from Bigg Boss 16, writes to Union Minister Anurag Thakur dgtl


Big Boss 16 Sajid Khan | DCW chief calls for ouster of Sajid Khan from Bigg Boss 16, writes to Union Minister Anurag Thakur dgtl

You survived despite so many protests on the stage of reality? Contestant Sajid Khan goes wild in “Bigg Boss 16”. Swati Maliwal, head of the Delhi Commission for Women, came to the field after seeing this. He wrote a letter to Minister of Information and Broadcasting Anurag Thakur. The director demanded Sajid’s expulsion from ‘Bigg Boss’.

During the “Me Too” movement in 2018, Sajid was accused of sexual harassment and indecency by ten female stars. Soon after, Sajid was suspended from the Film and Television Directors Association of India for a year. In 2022, he again appeared in public as a contestant in the new “Bigg Boss”. Like nothing ever happened ! That’s the thing overlooked stars – including many others – can’t accept. The head of the women’s commission wrote for each of them on Monday. In his own words, “During the ‘Me Too’ movement, ten women had accused Sajid Khan of sexual harassment. All these allegations show Sajid’s disgusting mentality. Now this guy got a spot on ‘Bigg Boss’, which is unfair! I have written to Anurag Thakur to remove Sajid Khan from the show.” Bigg Boss 16 will air from October 1. Directed by Salman Khan. The ruckus started when he introduced Sajid as a first-round contender.

These ten women, starting with Urfi Javed, have been the subject of intense condemnation. Among them is the writer Salni Chopra. Singer Sona Mohapatra also signed the petition. Apart from this, stars like model star Rachel White, actress Simran Suri, Charlene Chopra, Dimple Pal have also protested that they don’t want to see Sajid on screen. All of them are said to have been victims of Sajid’s sexual desire in the past.

Sajid has also been praised by actresses like Kashmira Shah and Shehnaz Gill. Protesters also pointed the finger at them. Questions also arise about the silence of Farhan Akhtar.

First, Urfii took the net world by storm. He told the TV station, “Have you made it a platform for sexual predators? How many actresses who have suffered in life are still standing? How to get applause? Just because you want to increase the show’s TRP?

Debalena Bhattacharya offered final condolences. Condemning the programme, he said: “It breaks my heart to see it on national television. He is trying to prove himself as a hero Sad to see our society going in this direction.

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