Big news, 3 rule changes on the stock market, what impact will this have?

Big news, 3 rule changes on the stock market, what impact will this have?

#New Delhi: Great news for investors. Often, investors’ transactions are blocked due to technical problems in exchanges. In such a situation, investors got a significant discount. Exchanges may increase stock market opening hours. SEBI said there was no problem on our end. Earlier, RBI also approved the extension of trading hours.

SEBI approves change to redemption rules. A stock buyback is when a company buys back its own shares by investing its own money. Share buybacks reduce the company’s equity. In the new decision, SEBI removed the redemption-by-exchange rule. The amount usage limit has also been increased by the exchange. The limit for using the amount for redemption has been increased to 75%. Previously, this limit was 50%.

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Apparently, a separate window will be created to explain the buyout. Exchange will have a separate window All old rules will be phased out.

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The new ruling gave concessions to raise the price of buyouts. You can increase the redemption price up to one day in advance. Can be extended one day before check-in date. The share buyback process is expected to be completed within 18 days.

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