Blue-grass relationship on the way out? The actress herself opened her mouth

Blue-grass relationship on the way out? The actress herself opened her mouth

Neel Bhattacharya and Trina Saha are one of Tolipara’s most popular pairs. Due to their chemistry, they have been practicing in the media pages since the beginning. But recently, there has been some noise in the media about their relationship. We hear that they are going to separate! Neel didn’t even meet Trina on her birthday. All in all, the news of their separation made a lot of noise. Now the actress has opened her mouth about it.

Neel has already laughed at this rant. In his words, he also shared photos from Trina’s birthday. However, many people haven’t seen the movie as it is a few days old. He also said that it was not possible to show everything on social media pages. Some things are very personal to them. Trina’s illness also appeared in the actor’s words. The pressure of the actress has become weak due to the maintenance of an additional diet. There is also the workload.

This time, the same tone was heard in Trina’s words. The actress said that today most of people’s lives are stuck on social media. If someone shares a smiling photo on social media, it is good or not. The actress thinks it’s baseless. Without giving further details, the actress said she was fine with Neil. It can be noted that the actress is currently busy filming for her upcoming series “Balijhar”. This series will arrive on television screens in February. On the other hand, Neil is busy with his ‘Bangla Medium’ series. At the moment, they are one of the two most successful stars in the industry, but they are not waiting to say it separately.

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