Bold look screen sweetness sexy exposed waist in red saree see actress pics


Bold look screen sweetness sexy exposed waist in red saree see actress pics

At the moment, he is known as the darling of the small screen among all audiences. This character has undoubtedly earned him enormous success. He also gave popularity. Tufan Mel’s on-screen chemistry with Uchchebabu is a hit, no more to say otherwise. Soumitrisha’s pairing with Adrit captivated audiences from the start. According to the story, Mithai will be an on-screen mother very soon. But recently, Mithai Nai Soumitrisha Kundui came into the picture. Her recent saree look is one of the reasons she is talked about.

Diwali passed very recently. And the rays of this Diwali do not want to be cut off from the Tarakamahal in any way. This time, the on-screen candy name has also been added to this list. The actress was seen in a very traditional saree on Diwali. She is seen in a designer blouse with a green colored sleeveless blouse with a gorgeous red saree. To complete this look, Soumitrisha wears jewelry set with heavy stones as well as rose petals. With that familiar smile on her lips, which completely completed the actress’ Diwali look.

It should be noted that the actress herself shared several glimpses of her Diwali outfit. And according to this look, it is currently very popular on the net. The actress was also seen spending time with her mother. This preview was also found on the actress’ Instagram page. Needless to say, Soumitrisha Kundu is highly talked about and admired by netizens as well as fans for her gorgeous Diwali looks all over the net world.

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