Bolly Tabu actress is still a virgin because of Ajay Devgn, herself has revealed the big story


Bolly Tabu actress is still a virgin because of Ajay Devgn, herself has revealed the big story

Ajay Devgan and his wife Kajal are always in the spotlight in the Bollywood world. From the two stars’ style statements to luxurious lifestyles, it’s all a matter of curiosity for netizens. That’s why this Bollywood star couple sometimes makes headlines. Ajay Devgan may not be missing anything in his life. On the one hand, success in Bollywood career and on the other hand, he lives a very happy life with Kajol. But for Ajay Devgan, one of Bollywood’s hottest actresses is living a sad life. Do you know who he is?

The Bollywood actress mentioned in the report is Tabassum Fatima Hashmi. Surely did not understand. This Bollywood actress is called Tabu. His age has reached the quota of 50 years. After working for many years in the Bali quarry, he could not find a like-minded person. Despite several real-life romances, he has yet to marry in real life. Why didn’t he get married? All his followers were looking for an answer to this question. This time Tabu revealed such a secret of his life. She blamed a Bollywood actor for not marrying her.

Rightly, Tabu put all the blame on Ajay for not getting married. He said, “They have known each other for 25 years. Ajay was the neighbor of one of my parents, Sameer’s brother. Since childhood, Sameer and Ajay have kept tabs on Tabu. If a boy comes to talk to me, he was beating him. They teased me so much that no one mingled with me for fear of them. That’s why I’m single for Ajay. Ajay will surely regret his mistake one day.”

But Tabu also said, ‚ÄúThere was pressure from many places in her life to get married. Many proposed marriage or were pressured by family members. Nobody talked about marriage, that’s also a lie. But I think everyone’s situation is different and they have to adapt to it. That’s the main reason I’m single.

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