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Bollywood dreamgirl Hema Malini is now…

Bollywood dreamgirl Hema Malini is now…

A daughter, a mother, a wife, an actress – the journey of “Bollywood Dreamgirl” Hema Malini has not been as easy as that of five other stars. Her hard work made her become everyone’s “Dreamgirl”. Hema’s family now consists of her husband Dharmendra, her two daughters Esha-Ahana and her son-in-law and their children. 75 Spring is touching. But even today, he seems to be alive, how young he is! Not only with dance and acting, Hema wowed audiences with her amazing fashion sense. She was the first to start the trend of flare pants for heroines in the 70s. At that time, this fashion was very popular among young women. As sweet as Hema looked in bell bottoms, a long-sleeved shirt and a top hat, she looked just as attractive in a Katan saree from South India. This actress’ saree collection is also known to be huge. Hemapremik wants to get the Bollywood dreamgirl for himself. But he raced behind everyone and took victory in his own basket, Bollywood star Dharmendra. The two are the most beloved couple in the industry. However, due to his age, he has reduced his outings a bit. Even at this age, he is active on social media. He gives regular updates on his lifestyle. As seen on her official Facebook account “Dreamgirl Hema Malini” and her Twitter account Hema Malini (@dreamgirlhema), she sang bhajans at various events, invited to awards programs, attended fashion brand launches , weddings, Super Dance Four, Indian Idol. 13-year-old Saragama has been busy with a variety of activities, including serving as a judge for the Metropolitan Champs. Also sharing photos and videos of special moments from various events. On January 26, Hema wished India’s Republic Day in his last post on Twitter and Facebook, writing, “It’s our day to be proud.” Dharmendra’s birthday was December 8 last year. On this day, the Hema were not mistaken in wishing the beloved people. Interestingly, despite the success of his acting career, dancing is the mainstay of Hema’s life. Dancing is her first love. The Hema dancer masters all types of Indian dance. Some Western-style dances are also known.

She was also busy with dance performances during Durga Puja in November last year. In the same month, he received the ‘Society Achievers Award’ for his charity work as well as a lifetime honor from Filmfare Middle East. Hema Malini sometimes wears brightly colored sarees and sometimes light colored salwar-kameez during these events. We know that Hema Malini loves the color pink. So, most of the occasions when she wears the color of the saree is light or dark pink. This legendary Bollywood actress has acted vigorously for three consecutive decades from sixty to ninety. He still acts in films when he has time. He last acted in a movie in 2020. The name is ‘Shimla Mirchi’. Hema was accompanied by Rajkumar Rao and Rakul Preet. Meanwhile, a few days ago, Hema was captured by paparazzi at the airport. He wore a light blue-green white mixed salwar. From the big screen, he is also brilliant in the arena of politics. Hema Malini does politics in the BJP. Therefore, he is still seen participating in various political events. He is also seen participating in the inauguration of several ISKCON temples on several occasions. Hema Malini is just as beautiful today as she was when ‘Dreamgirl’ debuted. What’s the secret ? Hema’s simple answer in a recent media interview, ‘So? Am I always like this? I am often asked this question. Many times I will give many different answers. But in the end I say ‘keep it a mystery’. Hema Malini? Dream girl? Many Bengali women still want to look beautiful like this heroine. And the hearts of many Bengali men are still beating for this heroine. The world is done watching it on the big screen. Many people say age is just a number. Bollywood actress Hema Malini is convinced of this. However, this time he has a positive view of the Bollywood industry. According to him, ‘Now the opportunity is greater. There are more options. But everyone has to do the job. If you can’t prove it, you can’t. Like Deepika. I love her so much. Sen also came to my book launch in Mumbai.

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