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Bollywood hero Evergreen has changed his clothes due to his popularity! Souvenir Dev Ananda – PROTHOM KOLKATA

Bollywood hero Evergreen has changed his clothes due to his popularity! Souvenir Dev Ananda – PROTHOM KOLKATA

.. First Calcutta.

Dev Anand: He is a legendary actor in Indian cinema. He was known as an evergreen Bollywood actor. This actor was very popular among girls in the 50s and 60s. His full name is Dharam Devadatta Pishorimal Anand. Who everyone knows as Dev Anand. He had to change clothes due to popularity.

There was no shortage of famous actors in Bollywood at that time. But only one reached the peak of popularity, and that was Dev Anand. There were very few personalities like him at that time. The actor reached the peak of his popularity after the release of the film “Kalapani”. Even then, this person became everyone’s “style icon”. Whatever the actor wears would become a trend. And at that time he highlighted the white-black shirt as a style icon. The court blocked it. The actor was forbidden to go out on the street in some kind of black dress.

He is not from a filmy family. Father, great grandfather was a lawyer. The actor himself studied English literature. While studying at university, the ghost of the film world leaned on his head. Seeing a photo of Ashok Kumar made me want to become an actor. The student from the arts department of Lahore College has become an iconic Bollywood actor, a successful director and an accomplished producer. The actor was born on September 26, 1923 in the Anand family.

Grandfather Chetan Anand was the first to be interested in theater or cinema in his family. Thought to be a film producer and director in the future. It was he who left Gurdaspur and settled in Bombay in the early forties. And within days, Dev Anand appeared there. Nayak lived in a rice paddy with his grandfather. He also did odd jobs to earn a living. Worked in the military postal service for Rs.45 per month. He also enrolled in the theater troupe. And while doing theater, he met Babu Rao Pai. Babu Rao is said to have been more impressed with the actor’s smile than his performance. Then in 1946, he entered the theater world with the film “Hum Ek Hai”. Then in 1947, everyone noticed it thanks to the film ‘Jiddi’. And the actor has not looked back.

However, alongside her popularity, her personal life was also busy. Rumors about his relationship with co-actresses have often been heard. But the one who made a place in his mind was Suraiya. Her relationship with Suraiya was the hot topic in Bollywood at that time. In 1948 Dev Anand’s movie “Vidya” was released featuring his favorite characters. Two stars kept their relationship a secret for two years. After that, when the relationship was revealed, Dev Anand-Suraiya decided to elope and get married while filming the movie “Jeet” in 1949. But in the end, this relationship did not materialize. The reason was the actress’s family. Later in 1954, Dev Anand got married to Mona Singh aka Kalpana Karthik. But Suraiya was often heard in his mouth.

The actor created his own production company “Navaketan Films” with his grandfather Chetan. He also gave hit movies one after another. Hit movies like ‘Johnny Mera Naam’, ‘Jewel Thief’, ‘Guide’. He was given the title of ‘Padma Bhushan’ by the Government of India. Besides, he received great honors including “Dada Saheb Phalke”, “Filmfare Award”, “IIFA”. In the 80s, when the actor approached his sixties, he still received offers to play the hero. By then, Dilip Kumar had reduced his cinema. This Bollywood superstar has acted in 115 films. He breathed his last at the age of 88. On this day in 2011, evergreen Bollywood actor Dev Anand passed away.

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