Bollywood is always an easy target, ‘Beshram’ is all about the ocher bikini

Bollywood is always an easy target, ‘Beshram’ is all about the ocher bikini

Bangladeshi office: Even as the year draws to a close, the ‘Pathan’ debate is not over. Even though the second song from Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone’s movie “Jhume Yo Pathan” has been released, many haven’t forgotten about the “Besharam Rang” controversy. Political parties and religious organizations voiced their objection to Deepika’s ocher colored bikini in the song. Now veteran actress Asha Parekh has spoken her opinion about it.

In an interview with a media outlet, Asha stood by Deepika. He said, “It’s very bad. A movie is a film whose main purpose is to entertain. This time an actress wore an orange dress for what name is the movie boycotted! That’s not true.’

He also said there was no problem with the bikini. There is a problem with the orange color. Asha Parekh said, “I think our brains are turning off. Our minds are shrinking, which is a shame. Bollywood has always been a direct target.

So far there have been protests against Pathan in Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra. The unrest has also reached Bihar. A BJP leader from that state threatened that Pathan would not be allowed to be released in Bihar. Photos of Shahrukh should be banned.

Ayodhya’s controversial Shir Jagatguru Paramahansa Acharya Maharaj threatened to burn Shahrukh alive if seen in front of him. this of controversy Pathan’s second song “Jhume Yo Pathan” was released with Resh.

Some wrote that the Pathan makers came up with new songs to cover up the Beshram colors controversy. But it’s unclear to what extent the controversy can be covered up, but the new song is so bad that Besharam Rang-i is enjoyable to listen to.

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