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Bollywood | mumbai based screenwriter arrested for dgtl human trafficking

Bollywood | mumbai based screenwriter arrested for dgtl human trafficking

8 people arrested for the crime of prostitution in Cyberabad, Hyderabad. Among them is a storyteller from the Bollywood film industry. 4 trials have been registered against the accused. A complaint was filed against him under the Immoral Trafficking Prevention Act. The defendants were arrested after searching for about a week. A Bangladeshi woman is also among those arrested.


Mohit Satpal Garg, 28, from Mumbai, was arrested by Hyderabad police. Mohit has been associated with human trafficking since 2020, police believe. Around 300 to 400 people from Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Bengaluru were thrust into the dark world by this writer from the world of Hindi cinema.

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Among the 8 arrested accused are Janwar Vishal, Mohammad Sohail Ahmed, Mohammad Khalil, Mehdi Das, Muntha Srikant etc. The identity of the arrested 26-year-old Bangladeshi woman has also been revealed. The woman’s name is known to be Mullah Nasreen.


The police seized 5 laptops, a swipe machine, two scanners, 3 bicycles, a car and twenty-five PAN cards from these 8 defendants.

According to the Anti-Human Trafficking Unit, girls from different parts of India were employed in this business. A case has been filed against them in the Gachibowli district of Madhavpur. The police conducted an investigation on this basis.

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