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Bollywood star Rakhi Sawant arrested

Bollywood star Rakhi Sawant arrested

Popular Bollywood actress Rakhi Sawant has been arrested by police. Rakhi was arrested by Amboli police station in Mumbai on Thursday. Earlier, Charlene Chopra tweeted that Rakhi Sawant’s early bail request was rejected by the Mumbai Sessions Court. Then came the news of Rakhi’s arrest. Hindustan Times News.

Charlene Chopra accused Bollywood director and producer Sajid Khan of sexual harassment last year. Not just Charlene, a total of 9 women protested against Sajid Khan during the ‘Metoo’ movement in Bollywood.

Charlene filed a complaint against Sajid with the Mumbai Police. Actress A also claimed that she is not getting any help from Mumbai police as Sajid Khan is influential. At that time, Rakhi Sawant spoke about Charlene’s complaint against Sajid.

“No one has testified against Sajid Khan, why are the police taking action?” Do not hesitate to blame others by wearing a sari, by wearing makeup! Mumbai police know there is no blast anyway,” Rakhi commented mocking Charlene. The ‘Bigg Boss’ star even went all out to ‘fix’ Charlene. In view of Rakhi’s comments, Charlene filed an FIR at the police station in November last year. Rakhi was arrested based on this FIR.

It is known that today was the inauguration of Rakhi’s own dance academy. She went with her husband Adil Durrani on this occasion. But before the start of the program, he was arrested by the gendarmes of the Amboli police station. It is heard that the police took Rakhi to the police station for questioning.

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