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Bollywood’s Sushmita is in the top 10 of Google search

Bollywood’s Sushmita is in the top 10 of Google search

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Sushmita Sen is one of the most talented and popular stars in Bollywood. Everyone in the industry loves it. And recently, he proved to be very popular not only in Bollywood but all over the world.

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Thanks to which, Sushmita became the only Bollywood star in the list of the 10 most searched personalities on Google!

Sushmita Sen ranked fifth in the Year in Search 2022 list published by Google. But he is not alone as an Indian. Lalit Modi is also in this list, he occupies the fourth position.

However, one thing is clear from here that due to the widespread romance rumors about them, people have repeatedly googled for more.

Lalit Modi officially announced her relationship with Sushmita this year. Lalit Modi announced the relationship in an Instagram post. And ever since, they’ve been making headlines.

Although Sushmita didn’t talk about it for a long time, when she was attacked with ugly language, she responded with a post on social media.

In the post, she wrote, “I prefer diamonds to gold and buy diamonds for me.” They are also rumored to be married. But Sushmita also denied this and dismissed it as a lie.

Previously, Sushmita was in a relationship with model Rahman Shall. However, they separated in 2021.

Source: Hindustan Times Bangla


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