Boy Bappa’s emotional status with Pandit Bareen Majumdar


Boy Bappa’s emotional status with Pandit Bareen Majumdar

Today is Pandit Barin Majumder’s day of death. On October 3, 2001, he crossed the country without returning. Bareen Majumdar was born on 25 February 1921 in Radhanagar, Pabna District, Bengal Presidency of British India (now Bangladesh) into a Zamindar family. His father Nishendranath Majumder was a musician and playwright. Mother Manimala Majumdar played the sitar.

Barin Majumder’s wife, Ila Majumder. He was a great musician. They have two children. The eldest son Partha Majumder is the musical director. Youngest son Bappa Majumder is also a musician and musical director.

On this day, Barin Majumdar’s youngest son, Bappa Majumdar, is in Adelaide, Australia. He and his band are staying there for a concert. Bappa recalled the day he sat in Adelaide on the anniversary of his father’s death. He wrote some memories and feelings about his father on his Facebook account.

Bappa Majumdar wrote in remembrance of his father: “Today, October 3, 2022, I am writing from Adelaide, Australia! How to become depressed for various reasons! Father’s departure times repeatedly float before the eyes! The words should have been spoken sooner, but it didn’t become much of a race…! »

‘Professionally, my musical life is 30 years old! The decision to pursue a career in music was quite difficult for me. His main reason is that he did not want to see the repetition of insults, insults, dishonor and finally uncertain life that surrounded him in the life of his children in exchange for the pursuit of his father Pandit Barin Majumdar’s music , his sacrifice, his vertiginous thoughts on music!

At this point, Bappa mentions the contribution of his mother Ila Majumder and writes, “Pandit Bareen Majumder survived only because he had a life partner like Ila Majumder by his side. Who stood beside Durgtinashini in times of extreme distress!’

“After my father was expelled from music school, when the family’s food supply was about to stop, our mother Ila Mazumder took a job at the school. He took the control of the whole world by himself! His meager income burns the stove at home! We survive by eating two!’

Bappa wants to discuss this matter later. He ends his writing with a quote from Baba Barin Majumdar. The words that Barin Majumdar spoke until the end of his life.

The fact is, until the end of his life, Baba used to tell us aloud, “I would have crumbled to dust as a Majumdar woman if it weren’t for your mother”… !

Now fall worship…! The goddess has arrived…! It’s time to go again…..! But for me, my mother is this Durga… who remained a destroyer of her husband, her children and her family until the end of her life…! Bappa Majumdar concluded by writing “Autumn greetings to all”.


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