Brad Pitt openly with his girlfriend!

Brad Pitt openly with his girlfriend!

It has been rumored that Brad Pitt and Ramone have been dating for quite some time now. Brad fueled the buzz by celebrating his 59th birthday with Ramone’s alleged girlfriend Ines. Brad Pitt hosted a birthday party in Hollywood on December 18. And they came to this party in the same car. As soon as this image spreads in the world of the net, no one understands that they are secretly in love.

Additionally, a source close to Brad Pitt previously told ‘People’ magazine, “Brad Pitt is currently immersed in Ramone.” However, as always, this star couple have kept quiet on the matter. But this time, they explained the rumor to everyone with their actions.

They were recently seen spending New Years in Mexico. They also posted several photos of this moment on their Instagram. Where we see them sitting in the pool. But while Brad looks at the camera, Ramone looks the other way. From these movies, fans started pairing up in pairs.

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Many have commented on it, even if they don’t say it in their mouths, it’s proof that they are in love with their new love!

It should be noted that Ramone announced the divorce from ‘The Vampire Diaries’ star Paul Wesley early last year. Since then, Ramone has been seen several times with Brad Pitt. On the other hand, the famous Hollywood couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie announced their separation in 2016.

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