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‘Brahmastra’ set box office on fire, Alia slammed boycotters

‘Brahmastra’ set box office on fire, Alia slammed boycotters

Bangladeshi office: After box office drought, ‘Brahmastra’ is back in Bollywood. After several big budget films failed in a row, the Rs 400 crore Brahmastra also faced a boycott. The boycotters made no effort to make the film a flop. But Brahmastra could not be stopped.

Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt’s star Brahmastra earned a total of Rs 170 crore at the Indian box office across all languages. And this movie reached 300 crores at the worldwide box office. But the negativity still does not diminish around Brahmastra. Similar sarcastic lines from Alia have recently started swirling around the net. Alia opened her mouth about it.

Alia, Ranveer and director Ayan Mukerji attended the film’s post-release promotions in Ahmedabad. There, the three were asked about the negativity against the film. Alia answers clearly, life is one and the options are two. Think positive or think negative.

Alia said, “Whenever the media asks a negative question, we try not to avoid it. Review, viewer reaction rights. We hope to receive more positive than negative feedback. After the release of the film, it seems that the response is positive. Otherwise, the box office fire wouldn’t have happened.”

Previously, Alia had been accused of disrespecting the public. He is one of the popular child stars of Bollywood. But being a child star, he has been repeatedly attacked by netizens for the privilege he enjoys. In an interview with media before the film’s release, Alia said, “People have a lot to say. I hope I can prove with my film that I deserve this place. There was a huge outcry over his comment.

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