BTV in 59 years: what the general manager had to say

BTV in 59 years: what the general manager had to say

Not only Bangladesh, BTV (Bangladesh Television) is the first Bengali language Doordarshan in the world. On this day (December 25) in 1964, the channel was launched on the ground floor of the old DIT building in Dhaka.

Accordingly, today (December 25) after the glorious 58 years, the national media enters the 59 years. It is reported that the BTV family members will celebrate the day with colorful ceremonies.

On this basis, cultural programs were organized in the premises of BTV. Where the artists and the BTV team will participate. Additionally, the channel will feature various on-screen performances throughout the day.

Sohrab Hossain, Managing Director of the organization, said: “BTV has made significant contributions in the fields of freedom struggle, agriculture, industry, economy, education, news and journalism during the nation’s transition. Apart from producing tasteful programs, BTV has played the role of Kandari in creating public awareness programs.

He believes that “BTV’s main achievement in 59 years is to reach everyone in the country, including the marginalized. And be able to easily present the information on ongoing development progress to the nation. We want to continue this trend.’

It must be said that Bangladesh Television started as a government institution after the birth of Bangladesh. BTV was brought to its own building in Rampura from the DIT building on February 9, 1975 by adding modern technology on the instructions of Nation Father Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.

In 1980, BTV ushered in a new era by providing viewers with color screens. BTV’s broadcasts are now reaching people’s doorsteps through HD (High Definition) and terrestrial, satellite and mobile applications. This state media entered 59 years with the promise and conviction to evolve to adapt to the times.

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