Bubli about to get married again!


Bubli about to get married again!

Bubli about to get married again!Shabnam Bubli

Shabnam Bubli is about to get married again! Tuesday (November 22) the night turned yellow. The wedding day has been set for next Friday (November 25).

But that’s not a real story, in the story of the movie ‘Maya: Love’, Bubli has to sit on the marriage ladder more than once. This is the reason for the wedding scene and body color.

Producer Jasim Uddin Zakir said Bubli’s wedding will be filmed on Friday. Although earlier, Anisur Rahman had a wedding ceremony with Milon. This time her husband is actor Simon Sadiq. Note that the two are opposed to Bubli in this film.

Jasim Uddin Zakir said, I don’t want to tell the story of the movie now. Previously, I did the wedding scene (of Bubli) with Anisur Rahman Milan. Had a yellow ceremony with Simon Sadiq on Tuesday. I will live with Roshan again. The story of the film has a twist. You can figure this out by going to the Dashark Movie Theater.

He also said that in the story of the movie, Milan Bhai loves Bubli madly. But Bubli loves Roshan very much. But she ran away from the wedding holding Simon’s hand. Then, various cinematic events occur.

It is known that in the story of the movie ‘Maya: The Love’ we will see a lover of three people. The scene of the film will continue with the love conflict.

Anisur Rahman Milan, Simon Sadiq, Ziaul Roshan and Shabnam Yasmin Bubli star in the film. At present, the work of capturing the scene continues in the capital’s Uttara.

Bangladesh time: 2025 hours, November 23, 2022

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