Bubli asked for prayers for his son Veer


Bubli asked for prayers for his son Veer

Actress Shabnam Bubli has stepped into the limelight after the baby bump photo was released. There are rumors about who the father of her child is. The name of Dhakai actor Shakib Khan was involved from the start. But Shakib-Bubli didn’t let that rumor be a mess. A day later, the two announced the birth of their child.

In the meantime, the photo of the star couple’s grandson, Shehbaz Khan Vir, is circulating on social networks. Bubli posted two photos of her son on Facebook on Sunday morning October 2.

He wrote in the caption – Thank you for giving my child selfless love. Please keep him in your prayers.

In the photo, the child can be seen wearing a white cap, blue panchabi and matching loincloth gazing at Veer with eager eyes.

In the meantime, under this post, 12,000 likes and more than 1,500 comments have been collected.

Dhallywood actress Bubli suddenly posted two photos of her baby on Facebook last Tuesday and wrote, “I’m with my life.” On the same day, he told reporters that he would reveal all about the “touching” within a day or two.


He said, I’ll say this – I’m a Muslim, whatever happens to us socially… As I’m shooting for another movie (Chadar) today, I don’t want to bother them. As the subject is sensitive, I will tell you everything in a few days.

Last Friday, Bubli and Shakib Khan posted separate photos with their children with the same caption. Shakib recognized his son in the caption. The following day, Shakib-Bubli was filmed together while filming the movie “Leader-Ami Bangladesh” on Saturday.


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