Bubli left after seeing the journalists’ camera

Bubli left after seeing the journalists’ camera

Shabnam Bubli has been at the center of discussions for several days on her love, marriage and children with actor Shakib Khan and finally on the issue of Nakful. Her relationship with Shakib deteriorated with the announcement of the marriage and the revelation of the child.

Bubli wanted to keep the tension between the two a secret but couldn’t. Shakib’s conflict with fellow actress Apu Biswas brought the matter to light.

And on Bubli’s birthday on Nov. 20, he conjured up a diamond nose ring.

Shakib Khan was initially silent about the whole matter, but later made it clear that he had no contact with Bubli; The diamond nose isn’t real either. Even Bubli like Apu was commented as his past by Dhallywood top hero.

Bubli’s patience was shattered after Shakib’s explosive comment. The heroine thinks that Shakib wants to get away from her under pressure from a third party.

And after that he warned that he would open his mouth in front of everyone thinking about the future of his son Shehzad Khan Bir. Organize a press conference at any time.

But he did not do it. Instead, the heroine walked away after seeing the camera reporter.

On Friday, reporters showed up at the Bubli filming location to talk about the “Nakful” issue. Bubli was busy shooting the movie ‘Maya: The Love’ directed by Jasim Uddin Zakir. But after completing the plan, Bubli entered the make-up room. It can be said that Bubli quickly entered the make-up room to avoid the camera.

Why this fear of the camera? Bubli said, I am very embarrassed about what has been going on for several days. Meanwhile, I couldn’t even call a press conference that day. All in all, you understand the subject. So I don’t want to talk on camera right now.

After divorcing Apu Biswas in February 2018, Shakib Khan married Bubli on July 20 of the same year. But the two kept the wedding a secret. Bubli became a mom on March 21, 2020 in this secret. Bubli made this information public in October this year. Since then, the distance between the two has come to light. Now the two live under separate roofs.

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