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Bubli opened up about the divorce


Bubli opened up about the divorce

Shakib Khan and Shabnam Bubli are Dhakai’s popular film duo. The chemistry between the two was so strong that at one point they got married in a personal relationship. However, after news of the marriage and children broke, their relationship began to strain. The two now live under separate roofs. Shakib has spoken about the strained relationship between the two on several occasions. Indicated for walking the path of separation. Bubli spoke on the issue.

Shakib Khan hints to the media that you broke up, you say it’s his pride. what is the truth? Bubli answered such a question, in fact I did not marry to divorce. No girl wants that, and neither does she. Me too. Shakib is my husband. He may have said something arrogantly. If you want to start a family, it will be a shame. As a star, these insults can come in the media, I don’t think about it. All I want to say is we’re fine. I want to spend the next few days well. All pray for us.

When asked if Bubli had any hard feelings about Shakib Khan working with another actress, she replied, “She’s a megastar.” He’s definitely a good actor. Worked with many actresses. Do it in the future. I shouldn’t have pride and jealousy in this.

Shakib fans want to see you and Shakib in a movie together, what do you say? The heroine’s answer to such a question – look, Shakib Khan is my husband. As such, many fans of Shakib Khan’s son are like my brother-in-law. Someone or my older brother. So it’s not like I should be upset if they say something. They can say something arrogantly. I am not worried about this. May they love Shakib Khan at the end of the day. I’m happy if you like Shakib.

Shabnam Bubli is one of the most popular actresses in Dhallywood. Was a news anchor. In 2016, he started his cinematic journey in Dhaka through the film Bosgiri. And in the first film, he had Shakib Khan, the famous King Khan of Dhallywood, as a co-star.

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