Bubli would never have married Shakib if…

Bubli would never have married Shakib if…

Actor Shakib, actress Bubli and Apu Biswas have been talking about personal and marital discord for the past few months. Bubli and Apu make various comments about their personal lives. However, Bubli’s comment – she would never have married Shakib if she knew about his relationship with Apu.

So said the actress in a 41-minute video post on her verified Facebook page on Sunday. At this time, Bubli talks about his personal life, Shakib and Apu and their children.

Bubli said it was thanks to Shakib that she came to movies and gradually developed a personal relationship between them.

He said, I have been working since 2016. Shakib Khan, who is the father of my children, my husband, who I started working with or had the opportunity. He guided me as a mentor. It was through him that I came to the cinema.

A TV reporter said, at the time, why did anyone in Bangladesh know about his previous relationship? None of us knew.

Bubli said Shakib used to talk about personal things during work, “He often said he wanted to be settled.”

Bubli said she had never met Apu Biswas: “He’s my main artist; But I never met him face to face. In 2017, when he went on TV to reveal his child, he called me and treated me very badly.

Bubli denied responsibility for the breakup of Apu-Shakib’s family and said that if someone is unhappy in family life, then if he gets in a relationship with someone else, that is it wrong with the person he had a relationship with?

Bubli’s comment – No one’s family broke for me. There was a disconnect between them even before I came among them. Apu Biswas himself said that Shakib Khan’s contact with him had ceased. I wasn’t there then.

Bubli, who is now in separation talks with Shakib Khan, said she is not living off Shakib Khan’s money. Many say I take financial support from Shakib Khan. It is completely false. I have never received financial support from him since my marriage and after having children.

Bubli said Shakib Khan gave $15,000 for Veer’s birth in America and spent $30,000 himself.

This actress said, I had to stay in America for a year. Giving a gift is another matter; But I did not receive any regular financial support from Shakib Khan. I didn’t take it for the child. If he does something as a father, that’s another matter.

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