Businessman arrested by CID in cow smuggling case


Businessman arrested by CID in cow smuggling case

Parthapratim Ghosh, Rajiv Chowdhury, Murshidabad: A Murshidabad businessman has been arrested by the CID in the cow smuggling case. The suspect’s name is general. According to the CID, this trader from Jangipur was involved in the illegal smuggling of cows. How was the traffic? According to the CID, 1,800 cows were purchased, of which 1,200 were found dead or missing and smuggled across the border to Bangladesh. The Jangipur businessman was arrested last night. The CID claims that this businessman is close to Enamul Haque, who was arrested by the CBI in the cow smuggling case. Enamul and Jenarul traded cattle together. The CID claims that even the cows seized at the border were bought at auction and smuggled.

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On the other hand, CBI is looking at Halishahr since morning in a bond fund case. This time, Bijpur Trinamool MP Subodh Adhikari and his brother Kamal Adhikari, Kanchrapara Municipality Chairman, are under the watch of the central agency. The ancestral home of Subodh-Kamal at Zetia in Halishahar. That day, CBI officials raided it. In addition, the house and office of MP for Bijpur Subodh Adhikari was also searched for about 3 hours. Trinamool workers protested there during the operation.

Apart from this, the CBI also raided the office and house of the personal assistant of MP Abhijit Shikder alias Bappa in Halishahar. A search is underway at the apartments of the MP for Trinamool in Dakshindani and Paikpara in Laketown. According to CBI sources, searches are underway in a total of 7 locations. On the other hand, Kamal Adhikari, president of the Kanchrapara Municipal Corporation, denied the connection to the chit fund, although he admitted his closeness to Raju Sahani.

The central BJP government uses CBI-ED for political purposes to hold the opposition accountable. Subodh Adhikari is less, Abhishek Banerjee also has to go to ED But it won’t happen. Trinamool MP Sougat Roy comments on the CBI raid on the home of Bijpurera Trinamool MP in the chit fund scandal.

Money collected at Maldar Gajole: In the CBI operation, 1 crore 30 lakh rupees of 500 and 2000 notes were recovered from the fishmonger’s house! Where does so much money come from? What’s behind? Is the drug business behind the fish business? Agents from CID, the state police intelligence agency, raided the home of fish trader Jayprakash Saha at Ghakshol in Gajol on Sunday morning.

According to CID sources, Om Gupta, a resident of South Dinajpur, a relative of the businessman, was recently arrested in a drug case. The CID suspects the businessman of being involved in the smuggling of banned armband syrup Phensidil.

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