Busy Vidya Sinha Mim


Busy Vidya Sinha Mim

Vidya Sinha Mim stars Raihan Rafi Parichalin film ‘Paran’ after flawless performance as Mim’s work has increased more than before.

However, he has yet to sign any new film after ‘Paran’. But Mim devotees still enjoy ‘Paran’ by going to Hall Hall. Again waiting for the release of the film by the same director ‘Damal’. Meem also played an important role in the movie ‘Damaal’.

Meanwhile, Mim also took part in an organization photoshoot at the capital’s Niketan yesterday. On the night of September 1, he will take part in an organizational function at Banani in the capital, Dhaka, and the next day in the afternoon, he will be present at the start of a new organization’s trip to Narayanganj. Mim said he will perform two stage shows on September 9 and 12.

Vidya Sinha Mim said, “It is true that throughout the year I had to participate in various programs of various organizations. He was also to participate in the stage show. Paran’s success naturally increased engagement a bit. Infinite gratitude to God for always being there for me. I want to move forward with the blessings of my parents, the prayers and love of fans and viewers.

I would like to tell the audience that the audience always goes to the room in love with Paran. Paran’ has been converted into another landmark film of Bangladeshi cinema. For this reason, a big thank you to the public. The tide created by Paran Hall to bring visitors back still continues. May this tide continue throughout the year, and even beyond.

Meanwhile, Mimar’s appearance in the latest Eid of Vicky Zaheed’s film “Karnish” was flawless. Roshan was opposite him in this movie.

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