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Call Ranveer Singh in private, bad offer! – Dainik Amader Shomoy

Call Ranveer Singh in private, bad offer! – Dainik Amader Shomoy

Not only actresses but also actors are victims of casting couch. Ranveer Singh, one of the leading Bollywood actors of the current generation, shared some of those bitter experiences.

In a recent interview, the actor said that in Bollywood, couch casting happens even in the case of heroes. I struggled for three years before making my screen debut. I fell on the casting couch at that time.

According to a report by Indian media NDTV and Genius, casting couch allegations are rolling against Sajid Khan in Bollywood. But he is not alone, the names of several Bollywood directors, producers and music directors have also appeared in the ‘Metoo’ movement. In other words, the fact that there is a casting couch in Bollywood is not just a rumor.

In the interview, Ranveer Singh said that Ranveer Singh had his first break in Manish Sharma’s film “Band Baaja Barat”. But his beginnings were as an editor. He wants to move forward with acting for a while. At that time, he did not know what to do in his career. That’s why he was trying to find his way in the dark.

The actor said a producer once called him to a private party during his struggle. Later, he was taken to a quiet place. He was asked there, hard work or intelligence, what does he prefer?

Ranveer replied that he is a hard worker. But in response, the man told the hero, Darling, be smart, be sexy. And the actor also said he learned the importance of work from those experiences.

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