Case against Anjan Dutt

Case against Anjan Dutt

(2 hours ago) September 11, 2022, Sunday, 12:27 PM

Anjan Dutt from Kolkata is still known to his fans for the song “Bela Bose”. And Anjan Dutt got involved in the case over the “Bela Bose” issue. But not on the song, on the movie ‘Bella Bose’. In 2021 director, actor and singer Anjan Dutt announced that after ‘Ranjana’ he will produce ‘Bela Bose’. For which he also participated in the writing of the screenplay. Rana Sarkar was supposed to produce. But work has stalled due to various commitments. Anjan Dutt ultimately scrapped the idea of ​​making the film.

Meanwhile, there are reports that work on the film ‘Bella Bose’ has not progressed due to the conflict between the director and the producer. Producer Rana Sarkar claims that Anjan Dutt is going to make the movie “Bela Bose” with another producer by tricking him. For this reason, Rana Sarkar filed a lawsuit against Anjan Dutt and her son Neil Dutt.

As a result, Anjan and Neel Dutt had legal complications of Tk 57 lakhs.

Rana Sarkar said that the movie “Bela Bose” has become all talk. Anjan Dutt also took a lead of Rs. But then he sat. Later, I learned that the director was going to produce the film with another production company. Due to which he filed a lawsuit in Alipur court demanding Tk 57 lakh in compensation from Anjan Dutt. The court suspended work on the film. Anjan Dutt has yet to open his mouth about it.

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