Case against Music Director JK Majlish – Dainik Amader Shomoy


Case against Music Director JK Majlish – Dainik Amader Shomoy

Music Director JK Majlish. Photo: Collected

A complaint has been filed against music director JK Majlish for illegally uploading RTV content to the online platform. The case was filed on behalf of RTV by Noor Hossain Hira, the channel’s executive producer, at Motijheel police station on Thursday. Case number-28.

It is mentioned in the statement of the case, in 2019, Bengal Media with its own funding and technical support undertook the project of commercial promotion and dissemination of traditional and extinct folk songs of Bengal through a program titled ‘Folk Station’, which was staged and shot. The show started airing on Bengal media TV channel RTV from 10th August 2019 and the show aired on ‘RTV Music’ YouTube channel from 27th. JK Majlish was hired on the work-for-hire basis to compose 312 folk songs for a total of 52 episodes from Season 1 to Season 4 of “Folk Station.”

For the payment of this musician and his team of musicians, Bengal Media paid them a total of Tk 30,000,000 in cash. The fees and other incidental costs of all the singers of the said songs were borne by Bengal Media.

He does not own the copyright or the right to 312 songs in 52 episodes mentioned by JK Majlish. But seasons one through four of “Nayabari” and “Sakhi Go Amar Man Vala Na” by “Folk Station” singer Sultana Yasmin Laila, Ankan’s “Chengra Bandhuya,” “Kalangkini Radha,” and “Lal Pahar Desh Ja by Ananya Acharya, Salma’s ‘Milan Hobe Kadadine’, ‘Matireo Pinjira Makhe Bandi Siitere’ by Nadihar, a total of 312 songs sung by various singers, the defendants earned illegal money from various online platforms across the world by resorting to cheating with each other. Due to which the case was filed under Section 23/24/35/38 of the Digital Security Act. Along with JK Majlish, Jewel de Costa and an unidentified person were also charged.

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