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Censorship Appeal Hearing for the Film ‘Shanibar Bickel’ on January 21

Censorship Appeal Hearing for the Film ‘Shanibar Bickel’ on January 21

The Film Censorship Appeals Board has set a court date for Saturday January 21 regarding the film ‘Shanibar Bickel’ written and directed by Mustafa Sarwar Farooqui.

Earlier in 2019, the 15-member Censor Board unanimously declared the film unfit for screening. Minister of Information and Broadcasting Dr. Hashan Mahmud said that according to the Censor Board, the film is based on the terrorist attack on Holy Artisan restaurant in Dhaka on July 1, 2016, but the fact that members of the country’s army, police, BGB and RAB rescued the helpless hostages and two policemen gave their lives are missing. This is why it is requested to add these scenes.

In the Film Censor Board report, members commented on the absence of the issue of giving life to save lives, homeland security, international image, crime and lawlessness, hurt religious feelings and obscene dialogue in film-related incidents.

Later in 2020, when ‘Shunibar Bickel’ producer Jazz Multimedia claimed that some scenes were added in the film, the board saw it and said no additions were found. Last August, the “judge” asked to hear the appeal. Some filmmakers, including Farooqui, also gave media and social media interviews about the film.

According to ministry sources, Information Minister Hasan Mahmood himself repeatedly addressed the appeals committee and the censorship board for a speedy resolution of the case.

The seven-member Censorship Appeals Committee, convened by the Cabinet Secretary as Chairman and the Chairman of the Censorship Board as Secretary of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, includes MP and eminent actress Subarna Mustafa, former additional secretary Nurul Karim, eminent actress Sucharita and Bhorer Kagazy Shyamal Dutta, editor-in-chief, as a member and deputy chairman of the censorship board, member as secretary.

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