Chahat Khanna also fell into Sukesh’s trap

Chahat Khanna also fell into Sukesh’s trap

Jacqueline Fernandez and Nora Fatehir are involved in Sukesh Chandrasekhar’s 200 crore financial fraud case. Now another actress has joined the name of Sukesh. And this is TV actress Chahat Khanna.

He claimed that he also fell for Sukesh’s trap. He was caught in a web of lies. He was forced to meet Sukesh in Tihar prison.

Chahat made such a statement about Sukesh Chandrasekhar in the Patiala House court in Delhi. According to him, he knew Sukesh as the owner of a popular South Indian TV channel, as the nephew of the late Jayalalithaa.

Chahat said the incident happened in 2018 when he went to attend a school function in Delhi. When he met a woman named Angel Khan at Mumbai airport, he said she was also going to the same school. After that, they got off from the airport and got into the same car. Sometimes Angel would say, this car can’t be taken, another car has to be taken. After that, they started the trip in another car. He came to Tihar prison, not to school. It was then that he realized he was trapped. I was taken to a room in Tihar prison, there were many luxury items including laptops, watches.

Angel Khan was in contact with Sukesh’s assistant, Pinky Irani, as Chahat claims. According to Chahat, a man named Shekhar Reddy met them there, Angel sat on his lap and started kissing him, which scared him and he tried to run away. He said he was his friend. After that, he returned to Mumbai and continued to receive threatening phone calls. Angel blocked it though.

An unidentified person threatened to air his video on Tihar prison if Tk 10 lakh was not paid. In the end, it was sold for three lakh taka. To pay this money, I borrowed one lakh from my father. I still don’t know who they are though.

Chahat said that Sukesh often called him from an international number, proposed marriage to me, asked if I needed anything. After Sukesh proposed marriage, “I shouted: I’m married and I have two children. But Sukesh said my husband was not the right man for me and he would be the father of my children. I was so disturbed by these words that I started crying.

Chahat said this incident happened long before ED called him on this case.

Incidentally, the next court date for the 200 crore financial fraud case has been set for February 15.

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