Chanchal Chowdhury: He’s his own rival


Chanchal Chowdhury: He’s his own rival

Chanchal Chowdhury appeared in a new avatar in one role after another through various performances. Become a new character. ‘Sonai’, ‘Kalu’, ‘Soleman’, ‘Sharafat Karim Ayana’ or ‘Chan Majhi’. As he has broken at times in his long career, his presence in different branches of the entertainment arena is like a mirror. It is 100% successful in dramas, movies or web movie series. Gambling is his only addiction. It is also a job. Coming from ordinary mortals, this good actor has made a place for himself in everyone’s mind. One after another, he won the audience’s favorite work and rose to a unique height. Therefore, Chanchal Chowdhury is one of the few actors who can turn a blind eye and trust the country’s elite producers to young producers. It can be said that the name of Chanchal is always at the top of the list of favorites of directors. Now Chanchal’s name has appeared in the choice list not only of manufacturers in the country, but also of manufacturers abroad. I want them to be fickle. As a result, Chanchal’s rival is now Chanchal himself!

Sanchal Chowdhury in the “Karagar” web series

Many Bengali speaking people from West Bengal in India are now fans of Chanchal by watching dramas and movies online. However, he has truly transcended the country’s borders through his work on Kolkata’s Hochihai online platform. His webseries “Taqdeer”, “Contract” and the recent “Karagar” are making a lot of noise. In the series ‘Karagar’, he played the role of a prisoner with almost no dialogue, and he came into discussion for acting with a pair of eyes and facial expressions. How did you change so much by playing the character of a jailer? With her natural smile, she said, “Makeup has helped me a lot. I changed a bit. Lost as much weight as possible. I observed the lifestyle of the inmates. I absorbed their behavior into me. I tried to bring this in the case of walking.

Not the general public, Indian filmmaker Srijit Mukherjee was also impressed with Chanchal’s performance in “Karagar”. “Chanchal Chowdhury’s ‘eyes’ should be preserved in theater institutions to teach theater to future generations,” he wrote in a Facebook post. Expressing his gratitude in Srijit’s post, Chanchal wrote, “Such a great appreciation! Gratitude and love. In response to this comment, Srijit wrote, “I don’t have the courage to rate an artist like you. like an ordinary spectator, you are the pride of our entire subcontinent.

Chanchal played the role of a mysterious inmate in the series “Karagar”, who suddenly appears in cell number 145 of the prison. Know this Chanchal Chowdhury! He has changed radically. Sore spots on the body. Stains on the teeth. His eyes were swollen and bright red. So lean that the collarbones show. who pretends to be mute, pretends to be Mirzafar’s murderer in sign language. Prison authorities have gone into a mystery to find his identity.

Chanchal played the role of jailer Chan Majhi in the movie ‘Hawa’ which was released a month ago, he surprised the audience with a mysterious character in ‘Karagar’ when discussing this movie. It is known that the second season of ‘Prison’ will be released at the end of this year or the beginning of next year.

Meanwhile, India’s OTT Disney Plus platform is going big with hot star Chanchal Chowdhury. This is known in the Facebook post of Huzefa Kapadia, COO of the company. Chanchal Chowdhury recently shared the post on his Facebook account thanking Huzefa. In this post, Huzefa praised Chanchal Chowdhury’s performance and wrote, “We will meet you soon at our casting table and make big plans.” After this post, there were rumors that Chanchal could be seen in famous Bollywood director Rajkumar Hirani’s sequel ‘Munna Bhai’. Meanwhile, a reliable source has said that Chanchal Chowdhury is being considered for the role of actor Khal in the new season of the popular Indian web series “Patal Lok”. Commenting on the matter, the actor said, “The casting agency might think something about me. But it’s very early, I don’t know what will happen.

The actor said he enjoys working outside the comfort zone in his acting career. According to him, “Maybe I reached this place today because I always worked outside my comfort zone and played a different role. I think people have the idea that the work I’m involved in is going to be something completely new. His story will be great. Chanchal also said that almost every day I get offers for TV, OTT and cinema. I have now come of age after a long career. Now the story, the role that I will play, should remain for the next generation. The quality of the work comes first for me now.

He believes people have gained confidence in him because people like his work. Chanchal said, “I think consistency is very important for a performer. If an artist isn’t consistent, people throw them away. The public always appreciates good work. I would say lucky in this case. Because most of my works have been appreciated by the public and they have also responded to the box office. And from the beginning, I did my best to maintain a continuity in the work in theatre, plays, TV movies, films and web series, which will continue in the future. As usual, Chanchal is looking for exceptional and stimulating characters. I have one or two. He could be seen in many more roles in the future. According to him, “A man lives through his work. So, not only now, but also in the future, I want to star in films that will make audiences laugh and cry and leave questions while thinking about life. I also want to work outside the circle.

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