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Changed all “Send!” calculations

Changed all “Send!” calculations

There was a storm of controversy before the release. Sometimes there is a controversy over the color of the heroine’s dress in a song. The film’s release was questioned due to the protest against accusations of hurtful feelings. After a sea of ​​controversy and protest, “Pathan” finally hit theaters on January 25. The box office received an incredible response. After the release of “Pathan”, the entire Pathan team silenced all critics. Pathan Kalakushli held a press conference on the success of the film. And now there are a lot of rumors about these successful stars in Bollywood.

During the press conference, Shah Rukh mentioned how cinema unites the country. He saw himself as Amar, Deepika Padukone as Akbar, and John Abraham as Antony. The film is actually “Amar Akbar Antony”. Although he didn’t say it directly, he said that cinema has no religion. The language of the new praman has changed. So Bollywood is trying to tell those old stories again in their own language. The purpose of the film is not to hurt anyone’s feelings.

But after the success of Pressmeet and Pathan, Akshay said, I consider Shahrukh as my guru. Because before the release of the film Pathane, no one was seen in cinemas or at various promotional events. This was producer Aditya Chopra’s strategy. According to Aditya, the merit of the film will speak. And Akshay will follow this path. “Selfie” is the first film of this year. Emraan Hashmi starred with Akshay in the film.

On the other hand, current folk hero Kartik Aaryan has postponed the release date of his movie Shehzada even after setting the trailer and release date. Everything is about to change completely in Storm Pathan. Now wait for the success of the second sequel in the Puspa series. Because Shahrukh’s team brought Bollywood back from the southern kingdom. It’s time to see the new figures of the Indian film market!

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