Chest covered in hands, Urfi trolled for wishing Diwali


Chest covered in hands, Urfi trolled for wishing Diwali

Entertainment desk: Sometimes the upper body is uncovered. Sometimes they cover their shame with clothes made of colored glass or burlap. However, there were no fewer reviews about him. Urfi Javed has repeatedly been the victim of sarcasm in the internet world. Even before Diwali, there are no exceptions. She was again trolled while wishing everyone a happy Diwali with her bare top.

Urfi shared a video on Instagram. This shows that he is seated in front of a table. There is a lamp on the table. Urfi’s upper body is completely uncovered. He covered his chest with his hand. Sweet though. Urfi appreciates it very much. In the caption of the video, he wished everyone a happy Diwali.

The upper body is uncovered. On top of that, netizens believe there is sex in eating candy. Urfi eats sweets like Mukhmehan. For this reason, the tone of criticism across the world of the net. A surfer asked the question, Diwali wishes or condom advertising? Some have also called for a boycott of Urfi on social media.

Urfi was born in Lucknow. Study there. In 2016, she started her journey in the glamorous world by playing the role of Avni in the series ‘Bade Bhaiya Ki Dulhaniya’. Then acted in several Hindi TV serials. Urfi has also starred in web series.

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He was a contestant on the show ‘Bigg Boss OTT’. But now Urfi’s fame is that of a social media star. To maintain his popularity, Urfi does something every day that keeps the neighborhood buzzing all week. From arguments to sarcasm, everything happens. Urfi Javed has over 37 million followers on Instagram. The number of cynics is not less. But the actress is not particularly worried about it. He is busy with his work.

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