Childhood is spent on the tele-telephone, what will reduce addiction to screens?


Childhood is spent on the tele-telephone, what will reduce addiction to screens?

Leena Ferdous wants to keep children away from digital devices as much as possible for their physical and mental development. This is how he has managed his kindergarten and daycare center for almost 12 years.

Its Kidz Lidz Preschool and Daycare Center in Uttara, Dhaka, has preschool facilities for children aged 18 months to five years; Children of this age can spend three to four hours there from morning to afternoon.

And in nurseries, children are cared for until they are 10 years old. Especially working mothers like to come and leave their facilities and pick them up later. Kidz Leeds authorities try to keep children engaged in fun activities while they are away from their devices.

Leena, CEO of Kidz Lidz, said, “Mothers who are used to feeding their children by turning on the device, we are shown leaving the TV for a few days when the children come here. Means that the parent style is retained. 15 to 20 minutes of nursery rhymes and activities for children. After that, gradually, the TV habit was reduced, and at some point it was eliminated.

Mabruka Toaha is very concerned about limiting children’s screen time. This English teacher working at the British Council lives in Saudi Arabia with his family.

He gave an idea of ​​how much screen time an eight-year-old boy has in a day.

Mabruka said, “When I moved to Saudi Arabia, I didn’t have a TV at home. I didn’t have Netflix or any internet TV at home until the pandemic.

“There was a chance to see a little more at that time. So each time we watch, we decide how long to watch. For example, he has no screen time in the morning; Since there is school. Come home from school and take 15 minutes.

“…he gets an extra five minutes when he does well on his schoolwork, such as a class test or handwriting. In the evening, he gets about 15-20 minutes after he finishes his manual work. I don’t can’t do more than that time, so we’re a bit flexible, but never more than half an hour.

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