‘Chirkut’ Sumi at two of the biggest music festivals in the world


‘Chirkut’ Sumi at two of the biggest music festivals in the world

The Chirkut group from Bangladesh is gradually spreading around the world. It can also be said that Chirkut is gradually progressing to spread Bengali music all over the world.

In addition to sharing the stage with the world famous group Scorpions in Madison Square, Sharmin’s group Sultana Sumi has taken part in several international concerts. But this time, the scope goes beyond everything. Because Sumi is attending the world’s biggest music dating event, “Omax”. The meeting will begin on October 19 in Lisbon, Portugal. Will continue until October 23.

Sumi announced the news at midnight on Monday, October 17. This artist added another big news. He said he would join Norway’s famous “Oslo World Music Festival” for Chirkut and Bangladesh after completing the “Omax 22” event. It will begin on October 31 and end on November 6.

Sumi said she was at two events on Chirkut’s behalf. Where he knows the band as a climate change activist, lyricist, vocalist and musical director.

Sumi told the Bangla Tribune, “I will be leaving Dhaka for Portugal on Tuesday (October 18) with Chirkut. I will be participating in this tour of about 20 days at two major events. Honestly, there is no bigger musical event in the world. I am supported in my participation by the British Council and Brighter Sound of Manchester UK. Lifetime gratitude to the Creator; Give the opportunity to see the world and life in different dimensions. Now I believe this world is my home. Keep me in your prayers.

Chirkut and Sumi recently won acclaim for their musical project “Naadi Rocks”. Through which he tried to sing on the rivers of the country with the support of various parties.

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