Chunky-Bhavna sat in front of the girl in shame! Ananya’s face is red with shame when she sees her parents

Chunky-Bhavna sat in front of the girl in shame! Ananya’s face is red with shame when she sees her parents

Bangladeshi office: ‘Liger’ has not yet recovered from the shock of the flop. Child star Ananya Pandey (Ananya Pandey) has to listen to khonta to get up and sit down because of his lack of performance. His parents are Chunky Pandey and Bhavna pandey) did such work which made Ananya even more ashamed. Chunky Bhavna crossed all boundaries in front of the girl, forgetting her shame.

Bhavana is currently seen on the show “The Fabulous Lives of Bollywood Wives”. It was recently shown that Chunky and Bhavna threw a special party to celebrate their 24 years of marriage. On their wedding anniversary, they are seen performing the wedding rituals for the second time in front of their children. But Ananya is not at all happy with such actions of her parents. He made it clear that he did not wish to see his parents’ second marriage before his eyes.

But needless to say, his objections didn’t help much. In the show, Chunky and Bhavna take all the wedding vows for the second time in front of all the guests. After that, Chunky Pandey said he wanted to kiss his wife if his kids would allow it. Ananya’s face turned red after hearing such words from her father. He replied, ask the woman.

After that, without waiting for permission, Chunky kissed Bhavna in front of everyone. Ananya turned her face shyly even though the present guests were laughing. His behavior clearly indicated that he had fallen into a very shameful situation in his parents’ factory.

Later in the show, he was seen talking to his dear girlfriend Shanaya Kapoor. Shanaya’s mother, Maheep Kapoor, also attended the show. Ananya is heard saying that the kiss has gone too far. He thought it might be short, but Chunky and Bhavna put him to shame.

Shanaya says, it looks like Chunky doesn’t want to leave Bhavna. In response, Ananya asks Shanaya, if something like this happens to her, if her parents remarry, kiss in front of everyone, then what will her reaction be? Shanaya also said she couldn’t accept this.

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