CID actor arrested for sexual harassment

CID actor arrested for sexual harassment

Tollywood actor Atish Bhattacharya has been arrested for allegedly beating and sexually assaulting his partner. His partner filed a complaint against him at Haridebpur police station in India.

Atish was arrested at his home on Tuesday evening. Hindustan Times News.

Atish is the familiar face of the Bengali version of the Bengali series “CID”. Her partner is also an aspiring model.

According to police sources, Atish forcibly detained his partner at Netajinagar’s home on January 29. Not only that, the model also accused Atish of beatings and sexual harassment. Based on this complaint, Atish was arrested at his home on Tuesday evening.

The model had been in a relationship with Atish for six months. He said he decided to live under the same roof with Atish out of love. However, the victim alleges that Atish tortured her in various ways for six long months. Slaps, kicks, punches – Atish even bit him.

The actor also threatened that the result would not be good if he complained to the police. The model also complained that she kept her partner under house arrest on several occasions.

The model was initially ill due to Atish’s torture and was admitted to hospital in Bangur.

According to hospital sources, Modelen has multiple scars on her body. The face has sore spots in several places, the body has many teeth deep wounds. Police arrested Atish on charges of beating his partner. He will be brought before the Alipore court on Wednesday.

Atish acted as a CID officer in the Bengali CID series. Apart from this, Atish has worked in Hindi soap operas like ‘Chakravarti Ashok Samrat’, ‘Jane Kaya Hoga Rama Re’ from Colors Channel.

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