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Cirkus Movie Review | review of the film Cirkus by Rohit Shetty with Ranveer singh dgtl

Cirkus Movie Review | review of the film Cirkus by Rohit Shetty with Ranveer singh dgtl

There is a play of light and dark all around, sometimes a trapeze show and sometimes magic with fire. But the main attraction of the Jubilee Circus is one man — the “electric man.” Even if the high voltage wire is kept for a long time, the electric man’s body is not affected at all. But at the same time, the opposite scene is seen in other cities. Even without coming into contact with an electric wire, a person’s whole body receives electricity.


Circus means everything from trapeze shows to clowns. Acts a bit like a mood enhancer. Director Rohit Shetty hosted ‘Jubilee Circus’ for Christmas this year. But not on stage, but on the big screen. “Circus” starring Ranveer Singh, Jacqueline Fernandez, Pooja Hegde and Varun Sharma hit theaters on Friday. Whether it’s a comedy or an action genre film, one thing that remains constant in Rohit Shetty’s films is entertainment. On top of that, a movie that has an actor like Ranveer winning the hearts of the audience with his brilliant performance every time he comes to the screen is full of hope. However, the way the pair of Ranveer and Rohit in ‘Simmba’ responded, ‘Circus’ seems to have gone in the opposite direction. End of the year, holiday atmosphere. In this, all the seats of the morning show are empty.

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‘Circus’ is a comedy movie, but the amount of humor is very low. Instead, there is unwanted and unnecessary drama. As soon as the trailer for the film was released, it was understood that Ranveer would play a dual role in Circus. In the first half of the film, the story of the two characters is parallel. As if the story was forcefully explained to the audience. The character of Murali Sharma has been used many times as a narrator to bring the original story to the screen. This way of telling the story did not allow the film to unfold at its own pace. Let’s talk about acting. It’s as if Ranveer is single-handedly trying to drag the whole movie down with his performance. Because, the performance of his co-actors was not memorable.

There is nothing new in the work of Jacqueline and Pooja. A talented actor like Varun Sharma, capable of performing comedic scenes, the director could not use him properly. Sanjay Mishra has done his best to represent his character on screen. Even though there were stars like Ashwini Kalsekar, Murali Sharma, Siddharth Yadav, Mukesh Tiwari in supporting roles, none of them could make a place in my mind. Johnny Lever appeared on screen in the second half of the film. His facial expressions and perfect comedic timing elicit a few laughs. Although a comedy genre film, Circus did not provide entertainment.


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Songs from old Hindi movies are used repeatedly to give the film a retro feel. But the use of songs is so much more than necessary that it can get annoying. Some scenes are so coincidental it’s overwhelming. But the biggest weakness of the film is the repetition of the same dialogues. Along with the comedy, the director tried to give a social message through this film. Only a blood relation can trust each other. But if not, the struggle for possession begins within the family – Rohit portrayed this thought on screen. But the director tried to show so many things at once in this film that the film got lost in the middle. Sometimes it feels clunky, sometimes it feels slow. Again, the film suddenly stopped. As if all the characters were gathered in the urgency to finish and the resolution was precipitated.

The circus did not generate any interest or excitement watching this movie continuously for more than two hours. The dance scene in Deepika Padukone’s cameo is quite catchy. The surprise of this film is in the climax. But a glimpse of it was shown in the trailer to catch the public’s attention. Rohit Shetty has long made it clear that he links this film to the “Golmaal” series. Many characters from the film ‘Golmaal’ have returned to the circus film. Curiosity therefore remains on the main story of the next film. But despite a thousand attempts, the “circus” disappointed. It can be said with certainty that this film will in no way attract the public.

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