Comedian Abu Hena Roni is still not immune to fear


Comedian Abu Hena Roni is still not immune to fear

The state of health of actor Abu Hena Roni, who was burned in the explosion of the gas balloon, is not without concern. More than 15% of his body was burned. But now he’s a little better than when he was burned.

Abu Hena Roni and Constable Md. were seriously injured in a gas balloon explosion on Sunday 18 September. He said this after the meeting of the medical council formed for the treatment of Zillur Rahman.

Samant Lal Sen said comedian Abu Hena Roni’s health condition is not without concern. If an adult patient has more than 15% burns, we call it critical. It must be admitted. Abu Hena Ronir (32) and Constable Md. Over 15% of Zillur Rahman’s (31) body was burned. It cannot be said that these two patients are safe and sound.

He said, today some tests such as blood and other tests found abnormalities. Some new treatments were added after discussing them at the board meeting. Processing will continue accordingly.

This doctor said they both had tracheal burns. But not so serious. They are not as critical as other patients. We will sit again tomorrow (Monday) at 11 a.m. They will be monitored daily.

Referring to the long experience of Dr. Samant Lal Sen said: I have seen patients with fewer burns getting worse. So in the case of burn patients, I say, until they can walk home, nothing can be considered safe. Because every moment changes.

He said there was no swelling or change in their body. He’s in better shape than two days ago.

In response to the question whether Abu Hena Roni will be taken abroad for better treatment. Samant Lal Sen said, “It’s up to the police department and their families whether to take them (overseas) or not.” We believe that every patient has the right to choose where they want to be treated. We have nothing to say here. If they want to take the patient somewhere, we have no objection. But we manage such burn patients, we can say the same.

Sheikh Hasina National Burn and Plastic Surgery Institute Associate Professor Dr. Mohammad Rabiul Karim Khan (Papan), Resident Surgeon Dr. SM Ayub Hossain, Deputy Commissioner of Police (Detective) Gazipur Metropolitan Police. Humayun Kabir, comedian Abu Hena Roni’s wife, Rumana Rashid Sampa, and medical board members.

Five people including Abu Hena Roni were burnt alive during the Police Anniversary Ceremony and Civic Conference at the Police Lines compound in Gazipur on Friday 16th September afternoon.

According to police and witnesses, the main guest and other guests were taken to the opening stage before the program started. Several balloons are given to the guest chef to blow. But despite repeated attempts, the balloons did not fly. Later, police officers took the ball to the back of the stage. The Minister of the Interior and other guests took to the main stage of the program simply by flying pigeons.

Sometime after the guests left the main stage, police officers reprimanded the balloon seller. The seller tries to make the balloon fly by setting it on fire. At this moment, the balloon exploded. Comedian Abu Hena Roni, who sat next to him, was burned alive.

Abu Hena Roni is a Bangladeshi comedian from the popular West Bengal Miracle TV show.


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