Comedian Roni’s current condition was briefed by the doctor

Comedian Roni’s current condition was briefed by the doctor

Samant Lal Sen, coordinator of the Sheikh Hasina National Institute of Burn Surgery and Plastic Surgery, said the condition of Abu Hena Roni, the first Bangladeshi contestant to appear on the Bengal reality TV show western “Miracle Akkel Challenger Season-6”, is better than before. He said the physical condition of Zillur Rahman, who was burned in the same incident and admitted to the burn institute, is now good.

On Friday evening, during the ceremony of the fourth anniversary of the founding of the Metropolitan Police in Gazipur, five people, including Roni, were burned due to the explosion of a gas balloon.

In this incident, the injured including the burns were first taken to the local Shaheed Tajuddin Ahmed Medical College Hospital. Roni and Zillur Rahman were sent to Dhaka on Friday evening due to the extent of the burns.

Inspector General of Police (IGP) Benazir Ahmed visited Roni and Zillur in hospital on Monday afternoon. At that time, Samanta Lal Sen informed the IGP about the overall treatment. Later, Samanta Lal Sen spoke to reporters with the IGP.

He said both are in stable condition. Although their condition is not that serious, it cannot be said that they are safe until the burn patient returns from the hospital. Today, their condition is much better than in recent days.

He also said some decisions were made after discussing their medical treatment at the medical board meeting on Sunday. He also said they would meet again today and discuss the overall treatment.

The Miracle Family wished Abu Hena Roni good luck. On Sunday, Mir Afsar Ali, host of “Miracle”, asked for prayers for Roni on his Facebook page and wrote: “Abu Hena Roni is fire itself. Who can afford to burn it? Pray everyone.

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